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Lord Sterling

Our modern world has stripped men of their designed roles as protectors and leaders of their families. Men have natural built-in drives to fulfill those roles.  Unfortunately, they have been told they need to be more gentle, more passive and ultimately less of the man God intended them to be.

Today God needs real men who will accept the responsibility of living right and leading others to God’s righteousness. They need to be bold worshipers of “The Great Light,” and examples for their families and friends.

Carolina Indian Trade

The Indian Trade played an integral part in the history of the Carolina colony.  Because of the trade in deer skins American Indians for the first time had currency.  The trade forced both sides into relationships that had good and bad aspects.  Traders became active members of Indian towns to whom they were licensed while at the same time maintaining their roles as political agents of the colony.  The impact was so great that from first contact the Indian made no major decisions without considering the affect it would have on his relationship with the trader.

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